On a quick weekend visit to my daughter in Port Elizabeth I was afforded the opportunity to visit and explore the less touristy but scenic beach of Sardinaia  Bay on the western side of Port Elizabeth.

PE 10.07.2015 016


The morning was greyish but quite pleasant when we set off from home in St Georges Park. Our aim was to do a cache here, but on arrival was pleasantly surprised to see that the locals were out and about with dogs and children enjoying a sort of windless day – only a slight breeze tucking at my pants, so quite pleasant!

PE 10.07.2015 014

We walked up the dune and spent some time on top of it to admire the views and breathe in the fresh sea air.  Fantastic.  I must say our country must be one of the most beautiful places on earth that God has created!  Reluctantly we made our way back down a slow pace as we did not want to leave after having done the necessary observations for our geocache find.

PE 10.07.2015 020

Seeing that it was about lunch time we paid a visit to the Wurst Wagen which comes down to Sardinia Bay every Saturday morning to provide a bite to the locals.  The friendly owner served us a cheesegriller hotdog and a bockwurst hotdog at a reasonable price.  Must say for  “wagon” food it is quite tasty!  And for those of us with a sweet tooth there is apple crumble pie as well and some drinks to go with it too.

PE 10.07.2015 018

Thanks to geocaching I am exploring the lesser known places of my country box by box!


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