A mother to many and a favourite to thousands of tourists embracing her shores.   It is certainly not without reason that Cape Town is ranked as one of the prettiest cities in the world.

Welcome in colourful Cape Town!

Walking on the V&A Waterfront the other day, I experienced all these vibrant colours surrounding me.  Turning the corner to pay a visit to some famous sculptures I am greeted by a red hot thumbs up man. He was keeping guard over the stately figures seeking some shade.  Quite a contrast – and this made me smile.  🙂

22.01.2012 025.1

While standing there and turning my head towards Table Mountain I am greeted by the bluest of blue skies crowning our famous mountain while keeping her ever present watch over the Mother City.

22.01.2012 028After rounding some more corners I stumbled upon the towering white ferris wheel which left me feeling like a dwarf.  Certainly the type of confirmation I needed that you live life in the slow lane down here.  Observing the city as you go round and round ….

22.01.2012 033

Furthermore, crossing a bridge to have a closer look at the vibrant pink (or is it red) clock tower I could not ignore its contrast to the clear blue skies.    Colour, colour, colour everywhere!

22.01.2012 030

While taking a break at a sidewalk café I noticed that our beloved mountain has silently developed its legendary cloud cover and as a result I started reminiscing about the story of Rip van Winkel …

22.01.2012 018
This is why I love Cape Town. Its ever so changing face and vibrant colours just never bore you!

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