Just up the coastal road, Knysna way, from George you will find South Africa’s highest fossil dune known as Gericke’s Punt (Point) near Sedgefield.  Although going there for years I must admit that I never knew that it was a fossil dune, but thanks to Geocaching now I know!

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Take the easy walk to the point along the beach and marvel at all the patterns that the wind has carved over years in to the sand dunes.  If you have an artistic eye there are really a couple of spots along the walk where you can spend a while taking really great pictures!  Every time I go there  I see some new patterns in mother nature that I have not noticed before – even a dragon if you use your imagination …….…

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Also keep an eye open for the endangered Black Oyster Catchers at the waters edge with their startling red beaks.  Years ago when our children were small this was a favourite spot to have a picnic after the short beach drive, but after beach driving has been banned altogether in South Africa (due to irresponsible people not adhering to the basic rules) the numbers of Black Oyster Catchers has also increased dramatically.  Another species saved from vanishing off the face of the earth.

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And if there are no birds be on the look out for colourful starfish and shells that litter the beach at certain times of the year.  You will certainly make some interesting finds, but please do not take them home.  Starfish are strictly saltwater creatures and will not survive in fresh water.

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I am happy to share and show MY world, post by post with you!

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Sea stars (starfish) can change sex back and forth from male to female as needed. There are several species of animal that can change sex if needed, such as when there is an abundance of females but no males during breeding season. Sea stars are one such creature, but what makes them even more amazing is they can switch sex back and forth if necessary. If a sea star starts life as a female but needs to switch to being male, it can still switch back to female again if the need arises.

Sea stars do not have blood in their bodies. Instead, they have a water vascular system where they pump sea water through its sift plate or majoporite into their tube feet. Their tube feet are full of sea water and give strength to them. They then use their tube feet to move and to hold their prey.

They have an eye (anae spot) and the end of each of their arms which is a very simple eye that looks like a red spot. The eye can sense dark and light but not a lot of detail.



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